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Soul Transformation Therapy ™ incorporates Soul Plan cards and healing interventions. It uses the energies of the Soul Plan numbers but is a stand-alone transformative healing system.

Soul Transformation Therapy™ (or Core Issue Therapy/Healing) is a system derived by Blue Marsden, founder of Soul Plan.

Soul Transformation Therapy™ works with the theory and energy of Soul Plan and Life Purpose blockages in one system.


We work with an issue or blockage, whether identified or not, that may be holding you back in life. Many issues reside on the unconscious heart and soul levels that keep us stuck or within hold patterns and we may not always be consciously aware of these or perhaps may be experiencing a feeling of them and unaware of its origin.

Soul Transformation Therapy™ helps to bring solutions form the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as from body memories and also sometimes from the ancestral level.

When the soul is confined in the physical body it's expressed via many subselves. We are influenced by archetypes subselves (i.e. master/slave) that can manifest in the physical world; we can then bring our unconscious subselves into conscious awareness. When we bring our dark, hidden or shadow subselves into conscious awareness, we're bringing them into the light to be understood, worked through and healed.

Soul Transformation Therapy™ is a system that can also be used for spiritual growth/personal development even if no obvious symptoms or issues are consciously present.


Within the session, if there is something specific you'd like help with, a blockage removed or even if there's no obvious issue, you will be asked to choose two cards which will help to determine and work more closely and deeply with an issue. One (or more) healing techniques will be used to aid release and healing and to help you to connect more fully to your Soul Purpose.

There is also the opportunity to talk through and ask questions during the session. Love, understanding and compassion are the energies that are present during all Soul Transformation Therapy™ sessions, giving you the space and comfort to open up.

We end the session with a 'Soul Plan future reading' which helps point a way forward from the techniques used during the session.

Session Overview
- Discussion of Life Purpose blockage/s
- The use of the Soul Plan cards that enable us to work with a list of commonLife Purpose blockages
- The use of one or more healing interventions, tailored towards different presenting issues
- Meeting and releasing the polarity subpersonalities which operate consciously or unconsciously in all of us
- Soul Plan future reading

Soul Transformation Therapy™ sessions are about working with the now moment of your life and issues/blockages, unlike Soul Plan readings which relate to overall challenges, potentials and goals.
Please note that a Soul Plan reading is not always necessary before a session.


Most healings are between 60-90 minutes. Please allow for this time.

The cost for an initial session, with up to 2 interventions, is £112.

Existing clients with follow up sessions or additional interventions is £52 p/hr thereafter.

Soul Transformation Therapy™ sessions can be done via Zoom/Face Time; however, in person sessions can be more effective. Please contact me for further details if necessary.

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