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What are the 3 Levels of USUI Reiki
The three 'Levels', or 'Degrees' of Reiki are the three traditional stages of learning to Channel Reiki energy. Listed below is a brief description of each of the 3 levels of Usui Reiki.spacer
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Reiki First Degree is the level at which one is encouraged to focus on self-healing. This serves several purposes, such as enabling the person to channel more energy to others as their own energy field is optimised and getting the person used to the sensations associated with the energies. spacer
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Reiki Second Degree is for those people wishing to develop their Reiki to a deeper level and is the level associated with channeling Reiki to other people, animals and situations. Reiki Second Degree is also associated with sending Distant Healing, as this is the stage at which that skill is taught.spacer
You should allow at least three months to pass after the Reiki one attunement before starting this course. During this training you will receive another attunement. You will also be introduced to three powerful symbols that can be used for protection, cleansing, meditation and distance healing. Reiki two increases your ability to channel the Reiki energy to help yourself and others. This level is the practitioner level.spacer
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Reiki Third Degree is often referred to as the 'Master Level'. This level is divided into two parts: 'Advanced Reiki Practitioner Level' , and 'Master Teacher Level'. This is because receiving the Master Teacher Level attunements enables people to attune others to Reiki, hence becoming a teacher of this healing art. Reiki 3A is for those people who wish to embrace Reiki further without the desire to teach and Reiki 3B is for those who wish to teach students all levels of Reiki and pass attunements.spacer
You should allow at least six months to pass after completing the Reiki Second Degree Course before going on the Reiki three as Reiki two should be fully integrated and processed before moving to the next levelYou need to show a commitment to Reiki and to be using Reiki in your daily life. spacer
Further information as well as a Syllabus for each of the Reiki levels can be found by following the Menu links on this page
Reiki 1 CourseReiki second degree courseReiki 111 Master Practitioner Course
Reiki 111a Master Teacher Coursespacer
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