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What is Angelic Reiki ?

Angelic Reiki is a complete system of healing that is open for beginners or experienced practitioners. Angelic Reiki works well in conjunction with other healing modules or can be used on its own.
Angelic Reiki is a very easy system to learn and a beautiful energy to work with & use to help others fulfil their potential on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Through Angelic Reiki you will connect with your Divine Self and allow yourself to be a powerful Being of Light.
During the course you will be introduced to the Angelic vibration and the Reiki symbols. You will be attuned to a Healing Angel who becomes your own individual Healing Angel to work with from that moment on. This Angel will assist you in your healing work and when you become the bridge, the channel, for the Angels to send their healing through, this Healing Angel will guide and help you in your treatments with your clients.
This method of healing differs from Usui Reiki
This method of healing differs from Usui Reiki whereby you do not need to practice and memorise hand positions – you are just the channel for your Healing Angel to work through so no mistakes can be made: every healing will be perfect in its conception and application for the self and your client.
You can use the traditional Reiki hand positions or you can ask the Angels to guide your hands to the appropriate positions.
Angelic Reiki, as a system, concentrates on connecting to the Divine energies and not how many names of Angels and/or Ascended Masters you can remember. This enables you the freedom to enjoy your own individual experience that is perfect for you and thus your client.
You will experience during the course, the attunement process that creates a direct link to the Angelic vibration. This attunement process will give all students the chance to let healing and cleansing to take place for you all to become a bridge to this Angelic vibration.
You will learn in a completely loving, comfortable and supportive ‘space’ where you have the freedom to grow and ask questions, and support does not end with the course.
The coursework we will be covering includes:
  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki First & Second Degree, which includes 8 Divine Multidimensional symbols
  • The attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light
  • Learn Self-Healing
  • Learn how to do Healing as a Channel
  • Learn Absent/Distance Healing
  • Learn Multi-Dimensional and Past Life Healing
  • Learn how to attune crystals and other healing tools
  • Receive a Master Crystal which holds the Divine Angelic Codes of Healing
  • Receive a comprehensive Practitioner’s Manual
  • Receive a Certificate of Training Achievement to 1st & 2nd Degree in Angelic Reiki which enables you to offer Angelic Reiki healing
  • Ongoing support after the workshop
Cost of Practitioner Level
The price for Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree - Practitioner Level is £250, with a £100 non-refundable deposit (to secure your place). Please call me on 0777 6014350 or contact me for further information on available course dates.
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