Distant Attunements
Here at Reiki-Teacher you will find a wonderful and wide range of energy based healing systems that you will be able to use for healing and guidance for yourself, friends, family, clients and students of your own.
All of the Attunements will give you personal and spiritual growth & can be used specifically for that purpose. All are received via distance attunement and come with full, ongoing email or telephone support.
You will see that each attunement comes at an affordable fee, which I hope will make them accessible to anyone seeking personal and spiritual development.
In asking for a fee, I am not asking you to pay for the energy you will receive, the system you will be able to use or even the manual that has been produced to support and guide you (unless you require a printed manual which does carry an additional fee of £5.00 towards materials and postage).
The fee charged for each attunement contributes to my time taken in attuning you, guiding you through the process and providing help with any questions you may have, healings you may need and ongoing support on your personal journey.
I have been performing distant and in person healings and attunements for over 6 years now and have often been amazed at the effects and benefits that energy healing has on my clients, my students, family and friends – and of course on myself!
The Golden Rule with all holistic healing is that all healing starts and ends with Self. So, when receiving these attunements, know that first and foremost, their energy is for you and your personal and spiritual development.
The Attunements are divided into 3 different categories (Angel Attunements, Energy Healing Attunements and Reiki Attunements). Please choose a category to view by clicking any of the 3 graphic buttons below or by using the main menu.
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