Colours of Angels Attunement


Angels are always watching over us, listening, waiting to be called upon. By receiving this beautiful Attunement you will be able to strengthen the connection to each Archangel and the Colour Ray that they work from, just by visualising the colour they are associated with.

The Archangels and the Colour Rays they are associated with are:  
Archangel Michael (Protection & Power)- Blue Ray
Archangel Jophiel (Illumination & Knowledge) - Yellow Ray
Archangel Chamuel (Love) - Pink Ray
Archangel Gabriel (Harmony & Purity) - White Ray
Archangel Raphael (Healing) - Green Ray
Archangel Uriel (Peace) - Gold Ray

You will receive 1 Distance Attunement where you will receive the permanent connections to each Archangel & Ray. You will receive your manual by Email and a Certificate will be sent to you by post upon successful completion of this Attunement.

On-going support is available via email or telephone, should you require it.
Important Information
Upon receiving your manual, please contact me by phone or email to arrange a suitable date & time for you to receive your Attunements.
Colours of Angels Attunement Price: £15.00
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